Cameroon is suffering from a high viral load

Cameroon is suffering from a high viral load


Survey data confirm UNAIDS estimates, which indicate that in Cameroon, viral load suppression among all people living with HIV is less than 50%, due to low treatment coverage. These two countries are far from achieving the 90-90-90 objectives, with figures of 47%, 91% and 80% and 37%, 88% and 76% respectively.

Cameroon has published new survey data on progress towards the 2020 targets. Population-based HIV impact assessment surveys (Phia) conducted by Cameroon included knowledge of HIV status, new HIV infections, condom use, voluntary male medical male circumcision, antiretroviral treatment coverage, viral load suppression and other indicators.

Viral load suppression in Cameroon varies from region to region from 28% to 63%. In South Africa, a country that has made significant progress in the fight against HIV, at least 50 per cent of children and young men (aged 15-34) living with HIV have an undetectable viral load (compared to 67 per cent of women aged 15-49). These data provide critical information to enable programme managers to focus their response on the populations and geographical areas most in need of services.

The greatest difference between the southern African country and the two central and western African countries is observed in the knowledge of HIV status, indicating that HIV testing services need to be massively expanded in central and western Africa.

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