Legal support

This involves educating, raising awareness, training PVRS, administrative, police and judicial authorities through educational talks or lobbying/advocacy actions on:

  • Knowledge of human rights related to HIV/AIDS, constitutionally protected minority rights;
  • The texts on access to care and treatment in Cameroon and relevant in the context of HIV/AIDS: the Kengne-Ngalamou centre through this activity, helps PLWHA to access medical services, care, treatment at lower costs and to benefit from the efforts of health authorities to make drugs and reagents accessible. The Kengne-Ngalamou centre, by combating discriminatory attitudes, violations of laws on access to care and treatment aims to ensure that PLWHA, sex workers and PLWHA have free access to social and medical services. This activity also contributes to creating a favourable social environment, allowing individuals to be tested, treated and supported without fear of discrimination.
  • mastery of national, regional and international mechanisms for the defence of human rights violations among PVRS;
    Information on legal rights is disseminated through brochures, on the Internet (via the association’s website) and face-to-face.
  • Consultations are offered by the lawyers, jurists, legal assistants of the Clinic. Advice is provided in a variety of cases: civil, criminal, commercial, social, administrative and all types of litigation.
  • The Kengne-Ngalamou centre is also a tool for raising awareness of HIV, human rights and the law among the media, health professionals, employers, trade unions and other groups.