How does Positive-Generation work?

The General Assembly

It is the supreme body of the association and includes all Positive-Generation members who have paid their dues. A distinction is made between: the Ordinary General Assembly and the Extraordinary General Assembly.

The Ordinary General Assembly: it shall meet at least once a year and whenever it is convened by the Association Council or upon written request.

Validates the association’s moral, activity and financial reports; decides on the annual accounts for the past financial year; and votes on the orientation report and the provisional budget.
The Extraordinary General Assembly has the power to amend the Articles of Association and dissolve the association.

The Board of Directors

It is the political and strategic body, composed of two categories of members: directors elected by the General Assembly and qualified directors for a renewable term of three (03) years. Board members must enjoy the full exercise of their civil rights. This Council consists of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary General, a Treasurer, and a Head of Executive Management. The Association Council shall meet at least four (04) times a year on its own initiative and upon convocation by the President or as required.

Executive Management

It is the day-to-day management body of the association which ensures the implementation of the decisions of the Association Council and the General Assembly. Its function is to

  • Organize the various services of the association;
  • Perform any other function assigned to it by the Statutes or entrusted to it by the Association Council;
  • Represent the association legally before third parties and before the courts in all acts of civil life;
  • To report to the General Assembly and the Association Council on the activities of the Association; to implement the decisions of the General Assembly and the Association Council and the mandates entrusted to it by the other organs of the Association;
  • Establish the association’s budget in concentration with the Board of Directors; and prepare a report on the accounts for the closed financial year for consideration by the Board of Directors.

It organizes weekly meetings, retreats and a general assembly once (1) a year to better monitor its activities.