Extrajudicial support: conciliation and mediation centre, out-of-trial justice

  • Assistance outside the traditional framework of the trial: the Kengne-Ngalamou centre as a structure for conciliation, mediation and arbitration of individual disputes between PVRS between them and PVRS and third parties. This will be:
  • Mediation for the protection and restoration of the rights of PVRS in the environments where violations are most common (workplace, criminal, hospital…);
  • Reference arbitration centre where other associations fighting for the protection of the rights of PVRS can refer cases.
  • The extrajudicial support of the legal clinic does not stop at arbitral justice. It is also proposed in the context of informal, traditional and religious legal systems. Some legal mechanisms based on traditional justice systems use elders, religious leaders (parish justice and peace committees) and other community figures to resolve conflicts. These mechanisms are generally more easily accessible, less costly and less time-consuming than formal case law mechanisms.