Who are we?

Created in 1998 and legalized by the State of Cameroon in 2003, Positive-Generation is a non-profit association of people living with HIV/AIDS whose headquarters are in Yaoundé, Ngoa- Ekelle (opposite Yaoundé I university campus). Its mission is to contribute to the promotion and implementation of community health activities in general and the fight against HIV/AIDS in particular. It is composed of a multidisciplinary team composed mostly of community members, students, sociologists, psychologists, nutritionists, teachers and lawyers. To date, it has more than sixty members.

Positive-Generation operates in two main areas, in particular health (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis, malaria, SRH, etc.) and human rights (ESCR, citizenship education, legal and judicial support (AJJ).

Specifically, its main sectors of activity are as follows:

  • Prevention and promotion of access to quality health care and services:
    • HIV/AIDS;
    • Malaria;
    • Tuberculosis;
    • Sexual and reproductive health;
    • Hepatitis;
  • Promotion of human rights, gender equity in health;
    Monitoring public health policies;
  • Health financing;
  • Health, participation and governance;
    Advocacy and communication;
  • Analysis of Drug Supply Systems and Chains ;
  • Operational monitoring of health and access to care strategies;
  • Quality approach in the health sector.

In order to achieve its objectives, Positive-Generation implements the following activities:

  • Social marketing and community mobilization related to the prevention and promotion of access to health care and services in communities;
  • Capacity building for health actors on topics such as:
    • C4D (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Sexual Reproductive Health, Hepatitis);
    • Advocay;
    • Human rights and access to health care;
    • The strategies, procedures and mechanisms of the Global Fund;
    • Monitoring public health policies;
    • Health financing;
  • Technical assistance to partner associations;
  • Legal and/or judicial support for people in vulnerable health situations;

Our Vision

A society in which access to care is equal for all and for all without stigma or discrimination. A society where justice, equality of opportunity and respect for human dignity prevail.

Our Values

Respect, commitment, sharing, integrity and human dignity….

Major Positive-Generation Events

  • 1998: Creation of Positive-Generation;
  • 2003: Legalization;
  • 2005: Assignment of the name Positive-Generation;
  • 2005 – 2006: Creation of the independent observatory of access to healthcare and health services, the Treatment Access Watch (TAW);
  • 2010: Organization of the first national forum on health financing;
  • 2012: Award for the best advocacy organization in Africa;
  • 2013 : The PG logo changes from square to round;
  • 2013: Opening of a law firm for the rights of infected and affected persons.


  • Compilation of texts on access to care for HIV-positive people;
  • Edition of a report on the status of access to health care for PLWHA in Cameroon;
  • Guide to the first newspaper entitled the community newspaper that appears today.

Key documents

  • Available annual plans and reports;
  • The brochures.

Our distinctions

Positive-Generation is the winner of the 2012 ONE Award, which is awarded annually to the best African advocacy and social mobilization organization. It also has observer status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. At the national level, in recognition of the quality of its field interventions, the association has also received several certificates of positive appreciation (including one from the UNAIDS country office). In addition, the association is a member of several committee and technical groups at the level of the Ministry of Health of Cameroon (Universal Coverage Technical Group, Health Financing Strategy Technical Group, Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Group of the National Strategic Plan to Combat AIDS…).